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Herbal Medicine Training in Rhode Island - RI

How to Become an Herbalist in Rhode Island

Herbal medicine training in Rhode Island requires individuals to understand the therapeutic uses of herbs and plants for healing purposes.  For some, these studies may complement more intensive coursework in the medical sciences, but most herbalists-in-training have a less formal background in medicine.  While many apprentice under qualified practitioners, most aspiring herbalists in Rhode Island enroll in specialty programs.  These programs may be short and intensive, lasting less than one year, or more comprehensive programs, that require as many as three years of training.  Herbalist students acquire a broad understanding of human anatomy, physiology, nutrition and botany in preparation for their occupations.

Graduates can pursue an array of career options after they complete their studies.  For example, they may find employment as private consultants, owners of health stores, staff experts at wellness facilities and sales representatives for health supplement vendors.  Employment projections for the field are contingent on factors such as individuals’ location, attrition among practitioners and even current events like healthcare trends and practices that may be widely reported in the media and generate increased interest in holistic medicine.  PayScale.com data report national herbalist salaries as ranging as being as high as $30.52 per hour; the data report the average annual income can be as much as $62,400.  CareerBuilder.com reports the national median annual salary of holistic health practitioners as $48,603; the site reports the median annual income in the Rhode Island capital of Providence as $30,304.  Career opportunities are also highly viable in the major cities of Warwick, Cranston and Pawtucket.  As with the anticipated occupational growth of this field, income may be contingent on location as this affects client demand.

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