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Herbal Medicine Training in Tennessee - TN

How to Become an Herbalist in Tennessee

Herbalist training in Tennessee helps individuals to learn how to use plants and herbs to improve people’s health and well-being.  While some who pursue herbalism may have a formal background in medicine, most individuals enroll in specialty programs to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become qualified practitioners.  Some specialty programs are short-term, e.g., less than 12 months, while others that are more comprehensive may require up to three years of study.  Coursework generally includes the basics of such concepts as botany, nutrition, anatomy and medical terminology.

After completing coursework requirements, aspiring herbalists in Tennessee can pursue a range of career choices.  Options may include health supplement sales representatives, health consultants and self-employment as consultants.  Anticipated employment for the field depends on consumer demand for herbalists, which may vary in accordance with demographics and national healthcare trends and issues. 

According to Payscale.com, herbalists earn between approximately $25,000 and $62,000 annually across the country.  CareerBuilder.com lists salary information specifically for Tennessee, estimating that holistic health practitioners in Nashville, the capital city, earn approximately $43,000 annually.  Career opportunities are also highly viable in the major cities of Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga, as these are some of the most populated cities in the state, which makes them good locations for professionals in various fields.

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