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Herbal Medicine Training in Utah - UT

How to Become an Herbalist in Utah

Becoming an herbalist in Utah involves learning about the healing properties found in various herbs and plants and how to best utilize those properties to encourage well-being in the human body. Herbalism stresses how specific plants and herbs can promote health by supplying trace minerals and chemical constituents that are lacking in the body, making it ill or causing it to function at a less-than-optimal level. The premise is that the human body and the natural plants and herbs surrounding it are basically made up of the same components; thus, what the human body lacks, resulting in illness or other types of maladies, other products of nature can supply.

For those interested in studying the healing properties of herbs, there are various ways to become educated as well as various ways to utilize your learning. Some people study for their own self-enrichment; others are focused on clinical applications. Other related careers include being a grower, supplier, researcher or retailer. Skills that are necessary to be a successful herbalist include being able to assess the quality of a plant, knowing what type of plant to use for various purposes, and being able to prepare the plant in the most relevant form (tincture, infusion, tea, poultice, etc). Herbalists often find themselves in the role of educator, explaining the ways various herbs and plants can be used in daily life.  Many herbalists supplement their incomes by teaching workshops or seminars, writing articles or consulting.  

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