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Herbal Medicine Training in Washington - WA

How to Become an Herbalist in Washington

Amidst the diverse natural environment and rich ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest, you will find ample opportunities to learn about the ancient tradition of herbalism, which uses plants to treat illness and promote wellbeing. Washington State is home to many herbalists well-versed in the philosophy and techniques of herbalism and the rich variety of herbs and plants to be found in the local surroundings.

In addition to seeking out training from herbalists in Washington on your own, you can turn to professional organizations like the American Herbalists Guild for help in finding an experienced mentor or teacher who can help you launch a successful career as a herbalist. In Washington, the Washington Herbalists Association works to support trained, credentialed herbalists advance their careers.

Once you’ve completed your training, you have a number of options. You can devise herbal treatments for your own clientele, or work with other alternative and natural medicine practitioners to provide patients with holistic health solutions. Some herbalists may choose to work to provide quality control for large herbal medicine companies or herbal supplement manufacturers, while others may produce herbal remedies on a small scale. Many start their own practices or work independently, while some find work at larger medical institutions that offer alternative and natural wellness options. Finally, many herbalists find work as teachers, whether by running their own herbalism educational programs or teaching courses in fields like botany at existing institutions in Washington.

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