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Herbal Medicine Training in West Virginia - WV

How to Become an Herbalist in West Virginia

Individuals who seek herbalist training in West Virginia should enroll in field-specific courses that will deepen their knowledge in how best to deliver healthcare using natural remedies.  Programs generally range from about eight months up to two to three years with coursework focusing on physiology, botany and nutrition to enable students to enter the profession.  In addition, aspiring herbalists become familiar with medical terminology during their studies so that they can effectively communicate with others about their work and its importance.

Herbalists can enter their choice of occupations once they complete training in the field.  For example, many opt to represent herbal supplement companies as account executives, to operate natural health stores and to act as personal healthcare consultants for clients who seek alternative means of healthcare provision.  Projected employment opportunities and salaries in the field vary according to factors such as geographic location, client demand and even U.S. healthcare trends.  Payscale.com estimates that herbalists earn from approximately $10 to $30 per hour, or between $25,000 and $62,000 per year.   The average holistic health practitioner salary in Charleston, the capital city West Virginia, is estimated by CareerBuilder.com to be $47,000.  Huntington, Parkersburg and Wheeling are also good locations for professionals in field as they are among the state’s most populated cities.

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