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Histotechnician Program in Connecticut – CT

Histotechnician programs in Connecticut involve a wide range of classes that will provide the foundation that will lead to a successful career. Students will find that their curriculum will provide them with information on safe laboratory techniques and will also provide in-depth experience performing a variety of tasks with organic tissues.

Histotechnician programs in Connecticut can be found not only in traditional schools, but also in some online schools. Histotechnicians will prepare samples for analysis. This means they must be well versed in methods used to preserve samples while preparing them to be used with a variety of dyes for abnormality testing on the cellular level. Histotechnicians will not be responsible for actually diagnosing medical issues, but they are totally responsible for preparing the samples that will be used for diagnostic testing and observation.

Upon graduation, histotechnicians will be able to take raw samples and be able to use tools like embedders that prepare tissue for cutting with the microtone. Though the histotechnician will learn about the many chemicals used to dye organic tissue, they will make use of an automatic tissue stainer rather than manually staining samples.

Science is going to be the focus of the curriculum in Connecticut’s histotechnology programs. Students will work in laboratory settings and will be asked to prove their knowledge through written assessments and the demonstration of certain hands on techniques.

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