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Histotechnician Program in Florida – FL

Histotechnician programs in Florida will prepare students to become certified and licensed histotechnicians ready to make the transition from student to paid professional. The programs in this field will be focused on the core sciences and hands on laboratory training. These programs will also teach students about the Florida laws and safety standards that govern the practice of laboratory procedural testing.

The curriculum in Florida’s histotechnician programs will involve the applied use of chemical dyes in the testing of organic tissues. Tissue must be wrinkle free and well preserved to be usable for testing, so proper preparation procedures are also stressed. These chemical dyes are used for the purposes of diagnosing potential issues with malignancy in tissue samples. Histotechnicians will not be responsible for the diagnostic process, but they will learn to prepare slides so that pathologists may use them to assess a patient’s tissue sample

Students will learn to use different types of lab equipment including but not limited to the microtone, tissue processor, water bath, and embedder. Students will earn an associate degree that will lead them to certification and licensure in this field. The assessments they go through will assure state governing bodies of their competence and ability to work on an independent level, in a timely fashion using all necessary safety procedures implemented by the state of Florida.

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