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Histotechnician Program in Minnesota – MN

Histotechnician programs in Minnesota will guide students through the process of becoming a histotechnician; from didactic coursework, to clinical training, to internship placement. Graduates will learn to be competent in the use of lab materials and tools and will be able to work independently within the parameters of Minnesota laws.

Those who enjoy working alone using laboratory equipment will find the education in this area to be quite pleasing to their solitary nature. This is one area of the medical field that does not require patient contact, but that does require a very high level of attention to detail.
Hstotechnicians will prepare slides so that pathologists can use them to test for specific medical issues. As they make their way through the histotechnician programs in Minnesota, students will learn about the many chemical dyes used in the testing process as well as the various methods related to the safe handling of tissue samples.

Not only do histotechnicians learn to prepare slides, but they will also learn how to preserve tissues and keep them pliable enough for future testing. Basically, the histotechnician will receive raw tissues samples and turn them into usable slides for observation, testing and cultures.

Science courses in biology, chemistry, and microbiology will be at the core of these programs, which lead to associate degrees. Though histotechnicians are not themselves responsible for the actual diagnostic procedure, they will need to understand how their work can impact such procedures.

The Minnesota Health Reform Act of 2008 is implementing procedures that demand a high level of performance from anyone in the medical industry. What this means for histotechnicians is that they will be held to a higher standard than was previously the case.

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