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Homeopathy Course in California - CA

According to the World Health Report of 2006, homeopathy is the second largest and the fastest growing form of medicine in the world. In the state of California, many residents have come to depend on homeopathic medicine to treat their everyday ills. According to Dana Ullman, MPH, famous people throughout history from Charles Darwin and Beethoven to Tina Turner and Cher have used homeopathic medicine. It is no wonder that homeopathic educational opportunities are growing in California, as more students pursue a homeopathy degree. Homeopathic medicine may be practiced without a license in this state, as long as you have the proper training and have taken certain homeopathy courses.

Homeopathic educational programs have similar curriculums from one school to another. Some homeopathy class titles you may run across include Philosophies and Principles of Homeopathy, Basics of Health and Disease, Comparing Conventional and Alternative Medicine, Remedy Groupings and Original Sources, Clinical Case Observation, Integrating Traditional and New Homeopathic Approaches, and Clinical Case Management. Most homeopathy courses follow the ideas and principles set forth in Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon, which is considered to be the “bible�? of homeopathic medicine. Hahnemann is called the father of homeopathic medicine. Today’s homeopathy students  are learning principles he developed in 1796, involving the law of similar, diluted remedies, single remedies, and life forces.

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