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Homeopathy Course in Connecticut - CT

Homeopathic education in Connecticut consists of two parts: first, one must obtain a general medical physician’s degree (M.D. or D.O.). Then, one must study homeopathy courses (120 graduate credit hours, to be exact) and earn a homeopathy degree. Connecticut’s state government and legislative body realize that the practice of homeopathic medicine is best utilized when integrated with traditional medical practices, which may explain why their process to become a licensed homeopath is two-fold. Many of the state’s medical doctors have added homeopathy to their palette of treatments through homeopathic education and licensure.

The typical homeopathy class differs from classes one will encounter in medical school. Homeopaths treat the entire person, including psychological and physical symptoms. Treatments are highly individualized, and start with a complete examination of a patient's history (emotional and mental as well as physical), life circumstances and physical or emotional illnesses. The homeopath will take this information and combine it with that patient’s body type, predispositions, likes and dislikes. Using all of this comprehensive information, the homeopath will devise the best treatment for that individual. Once you have completed your education, you’ll find there are many opportunities for homeopathic physicians to practice in Connecticut, in cities such as Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven and Stamford.

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