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Homeopathy Course in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

The homeopathic education the District of Columbia offers is rigorous -- much like education in more traditional medical fields.  Students should expect a solid foundation in homeopathic principles as well as practice.  Typical introductory coursework includes some history, as it is closely tied to theory.  Students can expect an introduction to Samuel Hahnemann and his groundbreaking work. They will also explore the theory of least dosage as they learn about different dilutions.

Professional ethics and homeopathic scope of practice are other important concepts.  Sometimes of course it is necessary to refer patients elsewhere for acute care, and homeopathic students need guidelines as to when to do so.

As they progress through their education, prospective homeopaths will learn how to evaluate acute and chronic symptoms, interview a patient, and find crucial symptoms in a Repertory.  They will become familiar with natural remedies presented in the Materia Medica and learn how to identify distinguishing symptoms and prioritize them.

At the later stages of their homeopathic training, students will get significant clinical training to apply their knowledge of normal and abnormal physiological states and develop competency planning and evaluating treatment.  They will likely also learn advanced evaluation techniques, like the Sensation Method and facial analysis.

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