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Homeopathy Course in Iowa - IA

To practice homeopathic treatments as a professional, students progress from basic coursework to advanced clinical classes and topics. The formal educational experience can take up to five years. Homeopathic remedies are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug administration, much like over-the-counter products. Therefore, a prescription is not needed. Although homeopathic remedies do not have to undergo testing and trials like more traditional pharmaceutical products, they must meet standards for strength, quality, purity, and factual disclosure on what medical issues the remedies can be used to treat. The FDA also requires that the ingredients and instructions for use appear on the label.

Homeopathy courses in Iowa can be taken online. Individuals who are simply interested in homeopathic remedies for their personal use can take courses, as can those who plan to become professional homeopaths.

Homeopathy falls under the umbrella of complementary and alternative medicines. Many consumers have become more willing to try a variety of alternative methods as part of their treatment, especially in light of the increasing costs of traditional health care practices. Several hospitals in Iowa offer programs, classes, or workshops that present alternative medicine as part of a holistic treatment and support plan.  For example, Genesis Medical Center in Davenport offers different holistic health courses each month, including one that covers homeopathy.  Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines is another hospital that offers programs on complementary and alternative medicine for patients. The main focus of these courses is to improve the patients’ quality of life.

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