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Homeopathy Course in Kansas - KS

Homeopathy programs, which are offered exclusively online for Kansas’ residents, offer a challenging but rewarding course of study for many different levels of expertise. Some individuals may simply want to learn basic homeopathic remedy and treatment protocols for their personal use. Others are interested in the highest level of education in order to treat clients for a variety of illnesses and problems. Often a practitioner of homeopathy has a background in health care and is licensed in a traditional medical field. This may be beneficial for clients, as insurance companies are more likely to cover homeopathy treatments if the service provider is a licensed health care professional. 

A student will have several hundred hours of coursework in various topics. These include anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, epidemiology, and stress management. Courses specific to homeopathy include chemistry for homeopaths, history of homeopathy, materia medica of homeopathy, and developing observational skills. Clinical observation and case studies are also part of the coursework.

In the state of Kansas, homeopathy also falls within the scope of practice for licensed naturopathic physicians. Various organizations offer testing and certification for homeopathic practitioners. Certification requirements include homeopathic education, medical education, and clinical experience under the supervision of a certified homeopath.

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