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Homeopathy Course in Maine - ME

Homeopathy education in Maine, which may be pursued through online homeopathy courses, will meet the suggested standards of the North American Network of Homeopathic Educators if it provides instruction in three specific areas:

  1. Health sciences;
  2. Homeopathy; and
  3. Practitioner development.

Coursework in health sciences enables learners to acquire knowledge of common medical illnesses and treatments and are able to recognize typical side effects of traditional drugs used to treat conditions.  In addition, these classes teach aspiring homeopaths concepts in anatomy, pathology and physiology.  Homeopathy studies provide training in non-traditional approaches to healing through courses such as homeotherapeutics and philosophy.  Practitioner development strengthens aspiring professionals’ abilities to work with patients and to provide care in a manner that reflects best practices and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Individuals are encouraged to enroll in programs that the Council for Homeopathic Certification has accredited.  This will demonstrate the quality of their program coursework.  Mastery of the field may require three to five years of study.

In preparation for studies in homeopathy, individuals should be familiar with subject matter such as biomedical ethics, public health and immunology, to name only a few of the types of courses that may provide the kinds of knowledge that will support homeopathic studies. 

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