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Homeopathy Course in Massachusetts - MA

Like in many other states, homeopathy education in Massachusetts can be acquired through online coursework.  To ensure that training is of the highest quality, individuals should look for programs that offer classes in the areas that the North American Network of Homeopathic Educators identifies as most critical.  The organization considers instruction in health sciences, homeopathy and practitioner development to be essential for those who want to be occupational specialists.

If programs correspond with these standards, then individuals can be certain that their homeopathic education will be comprehensive.  They will learn about common medical conditions and how best to treat them homeopathically, as well as study toxicology and patient care.  They will also have classes such as Pediatric Homeopathy, Homeopathic First Aid and Homeotherapeutics.  This training, as well as participation in ongoing continuing education workshops, courses and symposia, will prepare individuals to both enter the field and to remain abreast of evolving trends and practices.

To facilitate an understanding of their homeopathic courses, individuals might consider a few pre-requisite classes in subjects like immunology, philosophy and microbiology.  Knowledge of these content areas will help to ensure that they are prepared to grasp the concepts that they will encounter in homeopathic studies.

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