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Homeopathy Course in Missouri - MO

There is no state mandated educational requirement in Missouri for homeopathic practitioners; however, it is generally accepted that homeopathic education in Missouri, and other states, meet certain requirements. Those who study for a homeopathy degree are usually pursuing either an associate or bachelor degree, and take the appropriate homeopathy courses. A homeopathic class may consist of didactic classroom learning, practical field experience, or a combination of both.

If you decide to pursue homeopathic education in Missouri, there are some homeopathy courses that are usually common to most training programs. These include anatomy, physiology, nutrition, pathology, disease, and Materia Medica. Other schools offer classes in acupuncture, chelation therapy, and manipulation. In a practicum, which is required by most schools of homeopathy, you will put into practice the skills you have learned in the classroom, in a real world setting. Often you will be working under the supervision of a practicing homeopath in the state. Because homeopathy is not state regulated in Missouri, many fear that their right to seek alternative medical treatments such as homeopathy is in danger. The Missouri Citizens Coalition for Freedom in Health Care is an organization which is working to protect Missouri citizens’ freedom to use the medical treatments they choose.

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