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Homeopathy Course in Rhode Island - RI

The type of homeopathic education Rhode Island homeopaths seek will depend on individual career goals.  If aiming for CHS certification, it is possible to combine courses from different institutions to make a genuinely individualized curriculum. Some elements are required: One will need foundation courses in anatomy and physiology plus disease pathology; these can be taken at one of any number of colleges or universities that offer them.  CPR is also a must.

Most other coursework should provide field specific knowledge.  Classes will develop broad knowledge of both symptoms and potential remedies, the latter often drawn from the Materia Medica, a group of texts that detail natural remedies. Prospective homeopaths will also need to how to do a case analysis, tailoring their prescriptions to meet individual needs and then altering them as needed to create a positive outcome.  They may choose from a variety of seminars, which may help them understand how to work with particular populations -- for, example, children with autism.  Prospective homeopaths also learn professional ethics and standards.  The emphasis of homeopathic education is on correcting imbalances, not on curing disease.  Classes in the principles and theories of classic homeopathy will also be integral.

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