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Homeopathy Course in South Carolina - SC

The homeopathic education South Carolina residents seek depends on long term goals.  Most students study constitutional or classical education, which dates back to Germany.  It is founded on four principles: law of similars, minimum dosage, single remedy, and totality of symptoms.  The law of similars states that people can be cured by miniscule dosages of substances that actually cause similar symptoms.  Some of the early work was inspired by quinine as it was observed that healthy people developed mild malaria-like symptoms after taking it. (Nitroglycerine, it’s interesting to note, was also discovered by a homeopath.) 

Minimal dosage means that a person should be given the least possible amount of a substance that will provide a favorable outcome.  This was also a part of the impetus for early homeopaths, who observed that most medicine was harsh to the body and that it often caused unwanted side effects. The other two principles state that a practitioner should try one remedy at a time, based on the whole person and the mixture of symptoms he presents with.

Central to the study is knowledge of the Materia Medica, a body of texts that describe natural remedies.  In order to provide the type of education South Carolina expects, prospective homeopaths also need significant practical experience. This includes the assessment and monitoring of symptoms and the write-up of case studies.

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