Homeopathy Course in South Dakota - SD

As in other health professions, homeopathy training blends theory with practical application.  The lay person will find better opportunities for certification if he follows a path of study of classical homeopathy, though he may branch out later. 

The student should expect to learn about the theory and principles of homeopathy. Principles of classic homeopathy include the following:

  • Minimum Dose
  • Law of Similars
  • Single Remedy
  • Totality of Symptoms

A typical course will include a study of the Materia Medica.  These are texts, both modern and classical, which detail remedies for particular symptom patterns. The student will read about medicinal substances from plant to mineral to fungi. The study of homeotherapeutics is also important as it focuses on homeopathic remedies.

Homeopaths should have a strong background in science; in fact the CHC certifying board requires classes in both anatomy/ physiology and the pathology of disease. Also imperative for the future practitioner: learning how to conduct and write up a case study for chronically ill patients. Prospective homeopaths, like members of other health professions, also need training in ethics and professionalism -- which includes knowing when to refer a patient for other medical treatment. There are many components to the homeopathic education South Dakota patients need and deserve.

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