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Homeopathy Course in Tennessee - TN

Homeopathic education in Tennessee can be achieved through an in-person setting (i.e., at a college, university, or private school of homeopathy) or online through distance learning. The average homeopathy class is structured like any other college course. There are a minimum number of homeopathy courses one must take to graduate with a homeopathy degree or certificate. Also, the Council of Homeopathic Certification (CHC) mandates how many hours of study and what type of homeopathic courses one must take in order to become nationally certified.

Subjects that students of homeopathy can expect to encounter in a homeopathic educational program include Materia Medicia; the philosophy of homeopathy; repertory use; case taking, analysis and management; therapeutics; general anatomy and physiology. If you choose to become certified through the CHC, you must have taken at least 500 hours of homeopathic training, including classes in anatomy, physiology, pathology and disease. In addition, you need 250 hours of documented clinical case observation and analysis, obtained at a homeopathic clinic within a school or in a practicing homeopathic facility. Students must have supervised a minimum of 10 cases which have been formally supervised by a certified practitioner of homeopathy, including one intake and two follow up appointments with each case.

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