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Homeopathy Course in Wisconsin - WI

While there is no set course sequence for the student of homeopathy, she should select courses that prepare her for her desired level of credentialing.  A strong science background is important; CHC certification requires classes in human pathology as well as anatomy/ physiology.  Other coursework gives the future practitioner a foundation in theories as well as practical application.  Even if students ultimately deviate slightly from classic homeopathy (by perhaps prescribing more than one remedy at a time), they will want a background in the tenets of constitutional or classic homeopathy.

Their courses should teach the basic principles of classic homeopathy, which include the following:

  • Totality of Symptoms
  • Law of Similars
  • Lowest Dose
  • Single Remedy

A good portion of homeopathic training consists of familiarizing oneself with the Materia Medica, which details remedies (generally derived from natural sources).  The Repertory, meanwhile, is an in important resource for understanding and prioritizing signs of imbalance. Homeopaths conduct detailed interviews as well as learn advanced techniques for detecting individualizing symptoms and signs of imbalance.  Homeopaths also learn how to communicate with patients, a skill which includes respecting the limits of what they can promise and knowing when to refer clients elsewhere in the medical community.  Practical experience, including case study analysis, is an important step in preparing for practice.  The homeopathic education Wisconsin practitioners need is largely pragmatic.

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