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Homeopathy School in California - CA

Homeopathic medicine is based on three principles: like cures like, minimal doses of remedies, and the use of a single remedy to treat all symptoms. During the past decade, seven states including California have passed health freedom laws. These laws allow anyone who fully discloses their training and background to practice medicine without a medical license. The law applies to homeopaths as well. Many homeopathy schools in California have emerged during the past ten years. These colleges and universities train students to practice homeopathic medicine, which, as stated before, does not require a license in the state of California.

Most schools of homeopathy in California have curriculums lasting about three years and culminating in a certificate or diploma that grants graduates the Professional Homeopath credential. Schools typically combine classroom learning with internship opportunities in a student’s third year of study. Many homeopathy schools in California also offer mentorship programs that pair up a student with a practitioner of homeopathic medicine, facilitating the student’s personal transition into homeopathic practice. Once you have graduated from your homeopathic medicine college or university, career opportunities in California abound. Some homeopaths open a private practice or collective clinic; while others work in pharmacies, natural health food stores, and within established medical practices.

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