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Homeopathy School in Delaware - DE

Delaware is one of the states that does not require licensure for homeopathic providers, nor does the state require that those practicing homeopathic medicine receive any sort of certification. Homeopaths in Delaware do not have to have a medical degree of any sort. Homeopathy schools in Delaware can be found in the college and university setting, as well as through online courses. Also, some private homeopathic practitioners offer training programs, mentoring or apprenticeship programs to those who wish to break into the field.

Most students seeking education in homeopathic medicine should look for a homeopathy school that is accredited by the Council on Homeopathic Education (CHE). Programs in homeopathic study typically take from 24 to 48 months to complete. If you decide to pursue national certification following graduation, you will need to be a graduate from a CHE-recognized school. Certification is offered through various professional organizations, and, while it is not currently mandatory to practice in Delaware, it might be a good idea if you plan to practice in another state someday. Certification under the most common organization, the Council for Homeopathic Certification, requires 500 classroom hours of classical homeopathy courses (including anatomy and physiology), 250 practical hours of clinical experience, and the passing of an examination that will test you on both theory and practice of homeopathic medicine.

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