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Homeopathy School in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

Homeopathy is becoming increasingly respected as a health profession, and Washington DC homeopaths can aspire to work alongside nutrition consultants and reiki and acupressure practitioners at health facilities such as the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. In fact, one of the first choices a prospective student must make about her future in this growing field is whether she will study homeopathy in isolation or in combination with other healing arts.  Both are viable options in the nation’s capitol. 

Another decision involves what level of degree to seek. Homeopathy schools in the District of Columbia offer an exciting array of options.  It is possible to earn a doctorate in homeopathy in DC, though one does of course need a strong educational or professional background to be admitted into a doctoral level program. (The supervised clinical practice, it should be noted, will likely take place in nearby Bethesda, Maryland.) Lesser degrees -- like a Bachelor of Science in the field -- are also possible.

Some homeopathy students across the nation opt for online courses that offer certificate programs.  Others combine education from a number of institutions as they pursue CHC certification.  CHC certification candidates can take up to 90% of the 500 prerequisite training hours online. 

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