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Homeopathy School in Kansas - KS

Homeopathy falls within the scope of complementary and alternative medicine. The basic premise of the practice of homeopathy is like treating like; that is, using small doses or dilutions that cause similar symptoms to cure the patient. Although there are no homeopathy schools in Kansas, there are courses that can be taken online, as well as courses that can be taken as prerequisite classes prior to enrolling in a higher-level homeopathy program. Homeopaths are required to know relevant aspects of biology, botany, physics, chemistry, and other science based topics.

Since homeopathy uses holistic treatment, social science courses such as psychology and sociology are also beneficial. Traditional medical information such as medical terminology, drug therapy, diagnostic testing, and emergency medicine create a basic foundation for homeopaths. Colleges and universities that cover these types of courses are available throughout the state of Kansas.

Homeopaths must also have skills that allow them to treat their clients holistically. Skills necessary for this interaction include observation, listening, communication, and social abilities. Homeopaths must be critical thinkers, have sound judgment, be emotionally stable and mature, and have a compassionate degree of empathy for their clients. Good business skills such as computer knowledge and professionalism are important as well.

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