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Homeopathy School in Kentucky - KY

Although there is not a school for homeopathy in Kentucky, there are many online programs available that make homeopathic education accessible. Certain courses, such as basic sciences and other foundational topics, can certainly be found in community colleges and private and public universities throughout the state. Regardless of where the homeopathic school is located, it is important that it be accredited. Accreditation simply means that the program has been assessed as to its standards of education—the instruction is based on definable standards and students who attend the school (either in person or online) are capable of demonstrating the competencies by passing standardized tests given by certification boards.

The Council on Homeopathic Education (CHE) is an independent agency that assesses homeopathic programs in North America (US and Canada). This organization establishes standards, accredits homeopathic schools, certifies continuing education for homeopaths, and serves as a resource center regarding the practice of homeopathy.

Depending on the level of expertise as student desires, the academic requirements (including prerequisites) can be quite stringent. In addition to academic standards, many schools include an interview, letters of recommendation, and other holistic assessments of potential students. In doing so, they can make certain that the graduates of their program have a broad range of life experiences in addition to their academic requirements.

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