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Homeopathy School in Louisiana - LA

Homeopathy is a longstanding tradition in Louisiana. Established in the United States in 1828 in New York, homeopathy spread rapidly throughout the fledgling nation, drawing upon and merging with traditional and folk medicine practices. Although homeopathy temporarily fell out of favor in the medical profession with the emergence of allopathic medicine in the 20th century, it has experienced a massive resurgence in recent years and is now hugely popular throughout the United States. Indeed, more and more people are turning to homeopathy as an alternative to prescription medication and other allopathic treatments that are invasive or cause harmful side effects.

In fact, the National Center for Homeopathy, based in Virginia, estimates that in 1996, Americans spent approximately $230 million on homeopathic remedies. Since then, the market for homeopathic remedies has been booming, with sales growing around 12-15% every year.  With the interest in homeopathic medicine and demand for homeopathic remedies has come an increased need for experienced, trained, and educated homeopaths.

Unfortunately, institutions offering homeopathy education haven’t been able to keep pace. Opportunities to attend homeopathy school in Louisiana are somewhat limited. Homeopaths in training traditionally learn from experienced colleagues, so it may be possible to set up an internship or apprenticeship to learn what homeopathy is all about. It may also make sense for you to look into distance learning and online courses: many online schools offer classes and programs in homeopathy at different levels, from introductory courses to comprehensive degree programs.

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