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Homeopathy School in Maine - ME

Individuals who wish to attend homeopathy school in Maine should pursue Internet-based coursework that will enable them to earn credentials in alternative medicine.  For example, some Web-based college programs in alternative medicine provide instruction in not only homeopathy, but also in related areas such as traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, aging and botany.  Other online programs provide teaching in the principles and practices of classical homeopathic medicine that trace the development of homeopathy over time and examine how best alternative medicines should be used in specific situations.  These kinds of classes may lead to either a diploma in homeopathy or to a certificate as a homeopathic practitioner.  Moreover, these diploma- and certificate-granting programs may require a Bachelor degree as a pre-requisite. 

Online coursework facilitates learners’ ability to manage their competing demands.  Because instruction is self-paced, the flexibility students are afforded enables them to meet other competing demands, e.g., employment and family obligations.  Both degree granting and non-degree granting programs generally enable individuals to qualify for certification in the field, e.g., certification as a classical homeopath.

Those interested in the field should review the resources provided on the North American Network of Homeopathic Educators Web site.  They may also want to consult the Council on Homeopathic Education to find out more continuing education opportunities.

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