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Homeopathy School in Michigan - MI

In Michigan, homeopathy schools are not campus-based.  Rather, individuals should explore Web-based course offerings for training if they aspire to enter the field.  Online homeopathy schools offer the opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree in alternative medicine in which individuals can concentrate in homeopathy while also engaging in related coursework in, for example, botany and nutrition.  Other online programs grant certificates and diplomas through instruction in homeopathic treatment and care.  Completion of these various kinds of homeopathy schooling options generally qualifies individuals for certification in the field.

Because homeopathy schools in Michigan are available through online programs, those who enroll in studies have the flexibility to set course schedules that best align with their lifestyle demands.  For example, they may continue to work full-time and to attend classes part-time in the evenings and on the weekends.  To acquire mastery in the field, individuals typically need to complete up to five years of study.

The North American Network of Homeopathic Educators lists resources on its Web site that individuals can consult to identify Internet classes and programs.  They can also reference the Council on Homeopathic Educators online to learn about classes and workshops that will provide additional learning opportunities.

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