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Homeopathy School in Mississippi - MS

The state of Mississippi was home to one of America’s first homeopathic physicians, Dr. William H. Holcombe, who lived in Natchez. Today, there are many homeopathic schools in Mississippi ready to train students to become practitioners of homeopathic medicine. It is not necessary in the state of Mississippi to be a medical doctor or to have physician training in order to practice homeopathy. One must just take homeopathic studies at a college or university that provides them. Other alternatives for studying homeopathic medicine include online learning and homeopathic courses offered by currently practicing practitioners of this alternative medical art.

Those who decide to pursue a degree in homeopathic medicine may elect to choose an associate program, bachelor level program, or even a program that offers some sort of certificate in homeopathic medicine. Many professionals working in the field within Mississippi have varied credentials. For example, a recent search of homeopaths in Mississippi discovered professionals with nursing degrees, medical degrees, and social work degrees who had also decided to pursue homeopathic studies and/or certification. The field is very open and diverse, allowing for many different practitioners to claim themselves to be homeopaths, provided that they have the necessary training and qualifications.

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