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Homeopathy Schools in Missouri - MO

The state of Missouri carries the distinction of being home to one of the first homeopathy schools in the nation, which opened in St. Louis in 1857. Since that time, the number of homeopathy schools in Missouri has grown. Homeopathic medicine is a popular discipline among students, as, in the state of Missouri, one does not need to be a licensed physician in order to practice homeopathy. You must simply graduate from a college or university with a degree in homeopathy. This degree may be an associate, bachelor, or a certificate of homeopathy, depending upon the homeopathic school you select.

Those who attend school to study homeopathy will find a plethora of job opportunities in Missouri upon graduation. Many choose to open their own homeopathic medicine practices or join with other practitioners. There are also many companies in Missouri that potentially employ graduates of homeopathic schools in Missouri. Some of these include the University of Missouri Veterinary School (as many veterinarians and veterinary technicians train in homeopathy); Luyties Homeopathic Pharmacy Company in St. Louis; Atrium Health Services in St. Louis; St. Louis Spine and Health Center in Creve Coeur; and New Life Natural Foods and Bookstore in Bolivar.

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