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Homeopathy School in Montana - MT

Montana is one of the 14 states which incorporates homeopathic licensing into naturopathic licensing. Naturopathic physicians in Montana are the only practitioners who are state licensed to practice homeopathy. While many students may attend homeopathy schools in Montana and study to be a homeopathic practitioner without a medical license, the majority of homeopaths in Montana attend a naturopathic school to become a naturopathic doctor (ND). This school should be approved and accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME).

Homeopathic medicine is studied in a college or university setting by those who already hold medical degrees in Montana. The state requires that students complete a minimum of a four year program at a naturopathic school, including both academic and clinical study. They must also pass the NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination). The state allows naturopathic physicians to also apply for a specialty certificate in Naturopathic Childbirth if they meet the educational requirements. Those who become licensed, practicing NDs in Montana must fulfill 15 credit hours per year of naturopathy continuing education courses, including five hours in naturopathic pharmacy courses. If you also have a Naturopathic Childbirth Specialty Certificate, you must add an additional five credit hours of obstetrics education to those continuing education requirements.

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