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Homeopathy School in Nebraska - NE

Nebraska was not a pioneering state when it comes to homeopathic medicine, nor does it claim to be. The state had few homeopathic practitioners in the late 1800s, according to Thomas Lindsley Bradford, M. D. However, today homeopathy schools in Nebraska are flourishing, thanks to a renewed interest in alternative, drug-free treatments of both everyday and chronic illnesses and conditions. Today’s students have a choice of studying homeopathic medicine at a college, university, or online.

While some practitioners of homeopathy choose to become naturopathic physicians in the state of Nebraska, this is not a requirement. Many opt to go to homeopathy schools in Nebraska for two to four years and graduate with an associate or bachelor degree in homeopathy. Students study founder Samuel Hahnemann’s three principles of homeopathy: the law of similars, the minimum dose, and the single remedy. Those who graduate from Nebraska homeopathic schools can find work in private or joint practice, working in pharmacies, natural health and foods stores, and other company or retail settings. Companies around the state of Nebraska who could possibly employ graduates of homeopathic schools include Walkers Foot Bath Inc. in Papillion; United PC Doctors in Omaha; and the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.

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