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Homeopathy School in Nevada - NV

Classical homeopathy is a venerable tradition in American medicine, dating to the 19th century. After a drop in popularity in the 20th century, homeopathy has come back into the mainstream of medical practice in recent years.

Homeopathy seeks to provoke a patient’s natural responses to disease and other medical conditions. It therefore requires a strong knowledge of human sciences, like anatomy, physiology, and biology, as well as an understanding of the fundamental principles of homeopathy, including the concept of “like cures like�?—the idea of treating symptoms with substances that cause the same symptoms.

If you’re hoping to go to homeopathy school in Nevada, you have somewhat limited options. There is only one accredited school of homeopathy in the state, so if it doesn’t work for your schedule or location, you may want to look into distance learning options.

If you prefer distance- to site-based learning, you have a wealth of options. Many online schools offer excellent programs in homeopathic medicine, which count towards the requirements of organizations like the Council on Homeopathic Certification (CHC).

Though you must attend an accredited homeopathy school in order to receive a Nevada license, many homeopathic practitioners offer informal educational programs to people who are curious about homeopathy or looking for an introductory course. These programs can be useful in determining whether homeopathy is the right field for you.

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