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Homeopathy School in New Jersey - NJ

Ever since homeopathy first took hold in the neighboring state of New York in 1828, it has been a part of the medical tradition of the state of New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic region. After suffering a decline in interest in the 20th century as a result of the rise of allopathic medicine, homeopathy has bounced back into the mainstream as interest in complementary and alternative medicine has grown by leaps and bounds in the past several years.

According to the National Center for Homeopathy in Virginia, Americans spent about $230 million on homeopathic remedies in 1996, and sales have grown approximately 12-15% each year. As interest in homeopathic medicine has grown, so has the demand for trained homeopathic practitioners.

Despite these recent developments, however, options for homeopathic schools in New Jersey remain relatively limited. Though there are a few accredited site-based homeopathic colleges and programs offered in-state, you may also want to explore online and distance learning options. Several online schools offer classes in homeopathy, ranging from basic introductions to the field to comprehensive learning programs. The wide range of courses available online and flexible schedule of distance-learning make it easy to find a program that works for you.

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