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Homeopathy School in Oregon - OR

Homeopathy schools in Oregon have exciting, fulfilling programs to offer students who are interested in careers in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicine has been used for centuries and over that time has become recognized as a mainstream medical profession. Not only do homeopathy schools in Oregon teach the history of this branch of medicine, but they also aim to show students how it has evolved over time and why it has become one of the most commonly used natural medicine approaches in Oregon.

There are two main principles that will be taught at a homeopathic college or university:
(1) that like creates like, and (2) that treatment should always be focused on alleviating the condition rather than treating its symptoms alone. Most students find these principles to be vastly different than what western medicine has to offer, and this is what draws students in Oregon to homeopathy careers.

Your curriculum will vary depending on which college or university you attend, but some courses are absolutely essential with any homeopathic degree program. This list should give you an idea about some of the things that you will be studying:

  • Hahnemann Principles
  • Homeopathic Chemistry
  • Homeopathic Philosophy
  • Clinical Case Observation
  • Body Systems and Structures
  • Neuroanatomy
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