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Homeopathy School in Pennsylvania - PA

American homeopathy traces its heritage to Pennsylvania. Historically, Allentown was home to not only the nation’s first, but also one the world’s foremost medical colleges of homeopathy.  For many decades, Philadelphia’s Hahnemann Medical College, too, taught homeopathic arts.  There were other schools, including Homeopathy Medical College of Pennsylvania.

Although the historical Homeopathy Medical College of Pennsylvania is no longer around, Pennsylvania’s future homeopaths can again find a solid education in homeopathy.  With the resurgence of interest in this 19th century healing art, modern practitioners can find a wealth of programs to choose from, many offered online.  The Vital Force lists one homeopathy school in Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh’s Farrington Homeopathy School.

The first step for those considering homeopathy schools in Pennsylvania is to decide what type of program they need to help them meet their goals.  Do they want to take an introductory course first, or invest money in a full course of study, which may take one to four years?  For instance, they must choose whether to pursue homeopathy in isolation or as part of a degree in alternative medicine, combined with such field as nutrition, herbology, and traditional Chinese medicine. 

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