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Homeopathy School in Rhode Island - RI

HealthGrades lists one homeopath in Rhode Island, not in the large city of Providence, but in Pawtucket.  The 2005 census claims Pawucket has one homeopath for every 73,742 citizens.  That may well change in the near future.  Homeopathy, which was out of favor in the mid-twentieth century, has seen a resurgence in the US in recent years. 

You won’t find large homeopathy schools in Rhode Island at this time, at least not the brick and mortar kind, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get an education in the homeopathic arts if such is your calling.  The path to certification and practice is quite flexible. Most of the education can be completed online.  Although state licensure is not required in most states, including South Carolina, many homeopaths like to prove their competence in the form of a certification from a national organization.  Some online schools have certificate programs.

The Council for Homeopathic Certification is the main certifying body for homeopaths coming from outside the health professions (ie not a doctor or other health professional).  The CHC requires that at least 50 of the 500 hours of training are through face-to-face instruction or actual practice, but again there are multiple ways to achieve this.  The certification also requires a college course in anatomy and physiology, but that can be completed at the school of your choice -- from Warwick to Cranston.

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