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Homeopathy School in Texas - TX

As is the case in most states, homeopathy is not a licensed practice in Texas. However, this does not mean that those who advertise their services as homeopathic practitioners in Texas do not need the proper training and education in the field. There are numerous homeopathy schools in Texas that are ready to provide this training and qualification to students who are fascinated by the study of homeopathic medicine. These schools may be found in the college or university setting, online, and as studies provided by independent schools of homeopathy within the state.

Dr. Henry C. Parker is credited with bringing homeopathy to Texas in the 1800s. This physician from Georgia turned to homeopathy when a typhoid epidemic hit his hometown. Parker would go on to the Houston area and treat yellow fever and cholera with homeopathic medicine. Today’s students of homeopathy may not have to face such devastating disease as Parker did in his time. However, students at homeopathy schools in Texas will learn that homeopathy is a time-honored, proven system of alternative medicine that uses nontoxic, natural substances to treat and cure diseases and conditions ranging from gastrointestinal disorders to panic attacks. Homeopathy can also be used to treat short-term problems such as stomach aches, migraines and colds.

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