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Homeopathy Schools in Utah - UT

In the state of Utah, homeopathy is included within the scope of practice of a naturopathic physician. This means that, while there are homeopathy schools in Utah, in order to legally call yourself a practicing homeopath in that state, you must be a licensed naturopathic physician. Homeopathic medicine and naturopathy are similar in that they both involve natural remedies for illnesses and conditions. Utah holds its homeopaths (naturopathic physicians) to the highest standards by being the only state that requires naturopathic doctors to complete one year of post-medical education or internship before granting full licensure.

Students who are interested in homeopathy in Utah should go to college or university and study naturopathic medicine. In Utah, naturopathic doctors (NDs) are regarded as primary care physicians, and have training in both conventional and alternative medical practices. NDs are trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, botanical medicine, spinal manipulation, and nutrition, as well as in the traditional medical training involving health screening, pharmacology, drug prescribing, blood screening, and x-ray evaluation. There are a variety of schools in Utah that offer homeopathic/naturopathic training. You must attend four years at an accredited medical school, but unlike traditional medical doctors, you spend your last two years of training learning how to integrate natural, non-invasive therapies into your medical practice. After training, you must complete a year of residency and pass board examinations before you can become a licensed ND in Utah.

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