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Homeopathy School in Virginia - VA

Alexandria, Virginia is home to the National Center for Homeopathy, known for amassing field-related scientific research, putting a positive face on the profession, and releasing statistics to document the field’s rise in popularity in recent years.   

As a CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) profession, homeopathy is not highly regulated. Virginia is among the many states where licensure is not mandatory. Theoretically it is one of the shortest paths to private practice, but in reality, this isn’t necessarily the case.  In order to develop safe, competent homeopathic practice and get certification through a prestigious national organization, quite a bit of training is required. Initial certification will probably take 1-4 years, and continuing education may be required thereafter.

Whether one lives in the populous Virginia Beach or a smaller city like Richmond, Chesapeake or Arlington, there are a number of options for those seeking homeopathy schools in Virginia. One can combine online classes with weekend seminars. 

Students living in Virginia may also have the opportunity to attend some interesting events like the 6th Annual Joint America Homeopathic Conference held in April 2011, which is open to those without certification.  At such events, future homeopaths can meet renowned members of the homeopathy community.

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