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Homeopathy School in Washington - WA

Washington is a progressive state when it comes to complementary and alternative medicine, and the homeopathic arts are no exception.  In fact, Washington boasts more homeopaths than many states -- with certified homeopaths in a number of Washington cities including Seattle, Edmonds, and Olympia, as well as the Kirkland-Redmond region. 

Those seeking homeopathic schools in Washington have a range of options.  There are traditional schools, as well as online options that are geared toward busy professionals. Washington is one of a number of states that licenses naturopathic physicians to operate in a capacity in some ways similar to that of doctors; thus, Washington students can choose whether they want to pursue homeopathy alone or in combination with naturopathy as part of a post-baccalaureate degree program.  Those who pursue certification through CHC can take a combination of online classes and in-state seminars to meet their required number of training hours.

The question is what a person’s lon- term career goals are, and how much time and money she wants to invest.  Whatever she decides, Washington offers homeopathic training options that students in some states travel long distances for.

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