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Homeopathy School in Wisconsin - WI

In an earlier period of American history, homeopathic colleges existed side by side with academies of traditional medicine.  After years of decline, this classic healing art is enjoying a comeback, piquing interest in medical professionals and laypersons alike.  Some proponents of acupuncture offer scientific explanations based on branches of physical science that didn’t exist a century ago. Others point to empirical studies of successful homeopathic treatment without offering an explanation.  Many people believe they have been helped through the gentle practice of homeopathy, and many practitioners believe passionately in what they are doing.

Whether one lives in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or a smaller Wisconsin city, there are study options for those passionate about homeopathy.  Perhaps the simplest starting point for those interested in finding homeopathic schools in Wisconsin is to take an online course.  Prospective homeopaths should be aware, though, that if they seek CHC certification, it necessary to do 50 of the 500 pre-exam training hours live as opposed to online.  After exams, there are also required observation hours -- not surprising since experience is crucial to competency in any medical field.  Classes in physiology and anatomy are also required, but they can be completed at any one of a number of schools, including online.

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