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Homeopathy School in Wyoming - WY

Homeopathy, which has its roots in Germany, grew out of a desire to develop a gentler medicine, one that didn’t produce such difficult side effects.  Early practitioners noticed that some illnesses could be treated by substances that would actually cause similar symptoms in people who were unaffiliated by illness.  Homeopaths use very low doses of natural substances -- dose so low that some explain the effects in terms of quantum physics.

Homeopathy was popular in the 19th and early 20th century, and all but discounted later, but like other complementary medicines, is now enjoying a resurgence. Some scientific studies have attributed positive outcomes to homeopathy.  Indeed, both the North American Society of Homeopathy and the National Center for Homeopathy has amassed quite a collection of these.

You won’t find those grand old homeopathy colleges in Wyoming (at least not yet!) but you can get a credential in this healing art, if it calls to you.  Homeopathy is controversial in the sense that some people don’t believe it can be effective; the practice is, however, regarded as relatively free of harmful side effects. Options for homeopathic credentialing include online certificate programs and the more highly regarded CHC certification.  Admittedly, supervised practice can be harder to complete in a state without a lot of homeopaths.  The majority of the pre-exam coursework, though, can be completed online.

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