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Homeopathy Programs in Arizona - AZ

The Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medicine Examiners is responsible for licensing homeopathic physicians and registering homeopathic medical assistants. In order to obtain homeopathic certification in Arizona, one must comply with the state’s requirements. First, after completing medical school and obtaining a medical degree, one needs to complete the proper amount of homeopathy training in Arizona. This consists of a minimum of 300 hours of postgraduate homeopathic training, with at least 40 of those hours in a course on classical homeopathy. The remaining courses may be in one of the modalities that are legally recognized in Arizona as being part of the practice of homeopathic medicine (namely, nutrition, acupuncture, chelation therapy, orthomolecular therapy or neuromuscular integration).

To become certified to practice homeopathic medicine in Arizona, one must complete the state’s application and submit a fee of $550. In addition, a candidate must pass Arizona’s written and oral interview, a three hour examination which tests a candidate on knowledge of classical homeopathy, chelation therapy, orthomolecular medicine, nutrition, acupuncture and neuromuscular integration. The oral interview will discuss other homeopathic remedies, knowledge and skills you should have learned in your training. If you wish to dispense medicine (including homeopathic, prescription and non-prescription medicines) as a homeopathic physician, you will also need to apply for a dispensing permit, which requires an additional fee of $200.

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