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Homeopathy Programs in Connecticut - CT

Connecticut law defines “homeopathic physician” as a physician who prescribes a single remedy in a minimum dose in potentized form, chosen from the law of similars. In this state, one must receive a medical degree and qualify as a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy before completing homeopathy training in Connecticut. Homeopathic education continues after earning the basic medical doctor or doctor of osteopath degree.

In order to earn homeopathic certification in Connecticut, one must complete 120 graduate hours of study in homeopathic medicine. After completion, a candidate for licensure as a homeopath in Connecticut must pass one of the following examinations: United States Medical Licensing Examination, National Board of Medical Examiners, Federation Licensing Examination, National Board of Osteopathic Examiners, the examination required to become registered as a licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada, or an approved combination of these exams. In addition, an applicant for homeopathic licensure must pass a homeopathic medicine exam given by the state’s Department of Public Health (DPH). This examination tests your knowledge of the foundations of homeopathy (history, philosophy and principles, remedies and their preparation) and of the practice of homeopathy. Only after passing these examinations that test the skills and knowledge you gained in your homeopathic training can you be officially licensed as a homeopathic physician and legally practice within Connecticut.