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Homeopathy Programs in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

Washington DC’s students of homeopathic medicine will be pleased to know there are a number of options. The District of Columbia is among the municipalities that grant licensure to naturopathic doctors.  Homeopathy is included in the scope of practice for naturopaths.  One option, then, is to pursue homeopathy in combination with a postgraduate naturopathy degree, earning a doctor of naturopathy degree. Another option is to pursue a degree in integrative homeopathy.  A doctorate degree is available, as is a lesser degree: Bachelor of Science in integrative homeopathy.

CHC certification is another exciting option for homeopaths in most parts of the nation, and it is one that can be pursued either in combination with formal degree programs or through separate, more flexible, pathways.  CHC certifies professional who meet a very demanding set of training and professional standards.  Exam prerequisites include 500 hours of field-specific education, plus some foundation science courses.  Post-exam requirements include observation hours and submission of successful case studies.  The CHC allows students to take classes from a combination of institutions.  They may choose a traditional degree program or a mixture of seminars and online classes.