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Homeopathy Programs in Georgia - GA

In Georgia, some students attending homeopathy programs are already licensed medical professionals; others are looking for careers specifically in homeopathy. Whatever your level of education or career status, homeopathy programs in Georgia can be beneficial to you.

Included in this program is a clinical training application. As a part of the graduation requirements, all students must practice homeopathic medicine under direct supervision in a clinical environment. This gives students the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge that will benefit them when employed as homeopathic practitioners in Georgia.

In Georgia, there are no specific licensing requirements for homeopathic practitioners. However, certification is essential to securing employment in this field. By passing an examination, clinical casework, and an interview, the CCH (Certified in Classical Homeopathy) credential can be obtained from the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC).

One of the great things about starting a career in homeopathy in Georgia is that you can look forward to unlimited earning potential. The average salary range for professionals in this field often depends on whether homeopathy is an added specialty or the main specialty of the practice.

In Georgia, most general physicians earn between $158,000 and $166,000 per year. Adding homeopathy as a specialty of practice can certainly increase your annual income.

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