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Homeopathy Programs in Iowa - IA

Homeopathic training includes a broad scope of education and clinical experience. Although most homeopathic programs in Iowa are offered through online programs, there are several areas of education and training that can be obtained through local or state universities or colleges.  Homeopaths must have skill, knowledge and expertise in various topics, including a basic knowledge of: human anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and other life science principles; medical terminology, disease affects, and treatments; traditional and herbal drugs; human psychology and emotional function; consultation skills; alternative medicine; and different types, uses, and limitations of medical diagnostic testing.

Different programs award different types of certification. Some programs build on the very basic principles and uses of homeopathy and continue adding to the knowledge and experience through several levels of coursework and clinical practice. A certificate may be awarded after completion of each course or series of courses. Advanced diplomas and clinical certificates typically take several years to complete and include in-depth knowledge and practice regarding homeopathic treatment protocols.

It is not uncommon for homeopaths in Iowa to also have certification and licensure as a medical doctor, nurse, or other traditional education. The background provided by these professional health care occupations is beneficial to the study and practice of homeopathy.

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