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Homeopathy Programs in Kentucky - KY

Homeopathy programs in Kentucky depend on the desired career path a person wants to follow. Most education specific to homeopathy will be taken online or through intensive workshops and seminars, as there is not an accredited homeopathic school facility in the state of Kentucky. Many licensed health care professionals choose to study homeopathy to supplement their knowledge and treatment options. For example, physicians (MD), osteopaths (DO), naturopaths (ND) and chiropractors (DC) must fulfill all the educational, clinical, and licensure requirements for their field, plus, if they want to treat patients using homeopathic options, they would supplement their educational background through homeopathic courses.

Even if you do not have a Kentucky state-issued license in a health care profession, you can still receive certification from homeopathic programs upon completion of the necessary coursework and clinical experience. However, you cannot “practice�? medicine (i.e., diagnose or treat illness) because legally you would not have a medical license. You would be certified as a homeopathic counselor and could advise clients on options for their health-related problems. Four agencies provide certification for homeopaths. To obtain certification, a homeopath must fulfill all the requirements, including passing examinations, completing case studies, submitting examples of homeopathic counseling, and earning on-going educational credits. These agencies include: the Council for Homeopathic Certification; the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians; the North American Society of Homeopaths; and the American Board of Homeotherapeutics.

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